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Today, fire sprinklers are a safe, economical answer to residential fire problem especially located in remote, wooded areas(see homes of San Luis Bay Estates). Also fire sprinklers are now aesthetically pleasing as well as a ready defend against fire in the home. Whittle Fire Protection can offer dozens of styles and color options. Plus, our engineering & installation technicians are very sensitive to the interior design goals of today's residences.

Whittle Fire Protection has the technical expertise as well as years of experience installing fire sprinkler systems in residential facilities such as multi-family apartments, and condominiums, as well as large custom and small single-family homes. Our experienced professionals are fully knowledgeable of the unique code requirements that govern the installation of fire protection systems in residential projects in the Central Coast.

City Department / Link / Info Phone Number
Santa Maria Planning & Permit Center
 — http://www.ci.santa-maria.ca.us/
(805) 925-0994
San Luis Obispo Community Development Department
 — http://www.slocity.org/fire/devguide.asp
(805) 781-7180
San Luis Obispo
Planning and Building Department
 — http://www.sloplanning.org/general_info.html
(805) 781-5602
Morro Bay Public Services Department
 — http://www.morro-bay.ca.us/public.html#plan
(805) 772-6261
Arroyo Grande Building Department
 — http://municipalcodes.lexisnexis.com/codes/arroyo/
(805) 473-5450
Grover Beach City Website 1
 — http://www.grover.org/
Fire Department Email
 — gbfire@grover.org
(805) 473-4599

1 Fire sprinkler systems shall meet National Fire Protection standard 13 for Commercial applications and National Fire Protection Standards 13d for Single Family Residents applications and 13-R for Multi-Family applications. Fire sprinkler systems require a set of plans approved by a fire protection engineer prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.

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